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Learn how you can get a stable income in retirement.



Making Informed Financial Choices

Knowing which financial choices and decisions are the best for you situation is not always easy especially if you have retired or are close to retiring. One of the main issues that you may have is securing a stable and recurring source of income during retirement. Or if you have saved for your retirement, you may need advice or guidance in managing your savings so that you do not outlive your savings. This is why it is important to seek advice from financial advisors.

At Mersey Gateway Financial Group, our number one priority is making sure that your retirement is financially secured. We make it our duty to obtain all of the facts pertaining to your life – your goals, dreams and concerns and then present you with the financial options available on the market that will best suit your needs.

Our Approach


Our advisors are independent, unbiased and objective developing strategies that are forward-looking and focused on future expectations.



We know that you want a single plan that encompasses all of your financial goals instead of different plans from different providers.


We do not work for any equity release provider, bank or insurance company. We work only for you and will therefore act in your best interests. 



We have developed a number of strategies that are focused on helping you to secure a financially stable retirement.

Retirement Income Strategies

There are a variety of financial strategies if implemented properly by you will allow you to generate a stable and recurring source of income during retirement and will allow you to secure a financially stable retirement. Our financial strategies for your future


Equity Release Strategies

Choosing the right equity release plan can be a “life-saver” allowing you to release money from your property which you can use to finance any need that you may have during retirement.


Tax Minimization Strategies

Finding ways to minimize taxes is also a concern for many individuals who are either in retirement or approaching retirement, especially inheritance taxes. It is therefore important to incorporate tax planning in your financial planning.


Long Term Care Strategies

Another major concern for many in retirement or approaching retirement is good health. You might not be as lucky as others and may require long-term care but do you have the funds required to finance long term care?


Estate Planning Strategies

What will happen to your assets if you die? Will they go to the right persons? Our estate planning strategies will help you formulate a properly structured estate plan defining what happens to your estate after you die.


Annuity Strategies

One of the best way of securing a fixed source of income in retirement is through an annuity which is a contract purchased from an insurance company that entitles you to fixed income in retirement based on the premium you pay. 

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Ernestine O. Lyons

" One of the things that I was most worried about was managing my savings and making sure that I do not outlive my savings but thanks to these guys, I do not have to worry anymore. With their help and strategies, I have no issues managing my wealth. "

Arlean C. Ortiz

" Retirement planning was never one of my priorities so when I was approaching retirement, I had a serious issue but my advisor at Mersey Gateway Financial Group helped me to see that I did not need to panic. He helped me to see the range of options available! "
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